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Operational flexibility while sculpting isotherms


Intuitive operation for seamless adoption

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Our treatment delivery solutions

Together, Varian and Siemens Healthineers are integrating imaging and treatment delivery technologies to enable improved patient experiences.

CryoCare Touch™

Our newest ablation system offers an intuitive touch screen interface and compact design, which when combined with our adjustable V Probe®, provides exceptional control and reliable sculpting precision.

CryoCare CS 3 v5®*

With an integrated ultrasound and the CryoGuide® Planning System, cryosurgical procedures of the prostate are now simple, fast, and efficient for every urologist.

*System only available in select markets outside the United States.


A real move forward in cryoablation has arrived, offering you laser-guided precision, large isotherms, and more.


Medical Education

Varian Interventional Solutions is partnering with leading experts around the world to serve the Interventional Radiology community with ongoing education designed to drive meaningful collaboration and patient benefit.

Patient Education

Every patient's fight against disease is uniquely their own, and we strive to give them everything they need to win. This includes patient stories and insights into what to expect during treatment.

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