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Isolis cryoprobe
A real move forward in cryoablation.


Consistency you can count on

  • Consistently producing the largest isotherms in its class*, the Isolis cryoprobe is designed to improve your accuracy and reduce overall procedure times
  • The first cryoprobe to offer optional integration with the Siemens Healthineers myNeedle Laser** guidance system, enabling you to see the needle entry point and angle in real-time
  • *With a 2.1mm/14 gauge probe
  • **myNeedle™ and myNeedle Laser are trademarks of Siemens Healthineers


Maximum control within reach

  • Malleable tubing and sterile drape clips allow you to securely position the probe around the patient while ensuring it stays exactly where you placed it
  • Small 2.1mm/14 gauge shaft and sharp trocar tip facilitate a smooth entry into the intended lesion, reducing the risk of unintended trauma


Unlock more clinical possibilities through a streamlined workflow

  • Smaller handle improves imaging gantry clearance and reduces limitations in your addressable patient population
  • When you combine the power of the Isolis cryoprobe with the ease of use of the CryoCare Touch™ system, it unlocks a user-friendly and simplified workflow that offers unique approaches to complex procedures

Accelerate procedures and optimize results with Isolis cryoprobes

Next-level predictability, stability, and efficiency. The Isolis cryoprobe was designed to simplify cryoablation so you can spend less time on the process and more on the patient.


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