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A New Era in Oncology: Intelligent Cancer Care

New cancer cases are on the rise globally, heading toward 24 million by 2030. It is estimated that about half of cancer patients can benefit from radiotherapy as part of their treatment , yet access to advanced radiotherapy isn’t keeping up with the need in most of the world, due in large part to barriers of complexity. Making safe, effective, and ultimately personalized radiotherapy simpler and easier to plan and deliver is essential to closing the gap between mounting need and constrained access.
The solution lies in intelligence: Intelligence that automates routine and repetitive tasks. Intelligence that helps machines and software learn and adapt to new information. Intelligence that makes systems satisfyingly easy and efficient to use, as well as more affordable. Varian is working closely with partners around the world to discover and develop the smartest ideas in cancer care because we are committed to bringing intelligence to the point of care—all along the journey from diagnosis to survivorship. To learn more, access Varian's article on Intelligent Cancer Care, published as an insert in the November 2019 supplement of the International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics.