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Treatments Commence with Varian TrueBeam Systems at New London Hospital

LONDON, Jan. 31, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- One of London's leading cancer centers has commenced radiotherapy treatments at its new site using advanced TrueBeam™ medical linear accelerators from Varian Medical Systems (NYSE: VAR). The impressive new cancer center at Guy's Hospital opened in September with six TrueBeam systems installed, including a TrueBeam STx which is optimized for radiosurgery.

Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust replaced its existing treatment machines with TrueBeam systems as part of a centralization of radiotherapy services at the new flagship center, situated in the shadow of The Shard. In addition to the equipment, the Trust has implemented a full suite of Varian's Eclipse™ treatment planning software. Two further TrueBeam systems have been installed at Queen Mary's Hospital in nearby Sidcup, which is another new Guy's and St Thomas's cancer center due to open in Spring 2017 to treat patients who live in south east London and Kent.

"The TrueBeam platform has strong potential for future innovation, is user-friendly, and the overall system offers an efficient workflow, making it possible to treat more patients in a day," says Angela Francis, head of radiotherapy at Guy's and St Thomas'. "With TrueBeam, we can offer our patients a full range of the latest radiotherapy and radiosurgery treatment options."

Designed to treat a moving tumor with speed and accuracy, Varian's TrueBeam system incorporates numerous technical innovations that dynamically synchronize advanced imaging, patient positioning, motion management, and treatment delivery during a radiotherapy or radiosurgery procedure. TrueBeam has been designed to advance the treatment of lung, breast, intracranial, prostate, head and neck, and other types of cancer.

"We are excited to have been selected to supply our radiotherapy and radiosurgery systems to the new centers at Guy's Hospital and Queen Mary's Hospital and we look forward to working with the Trust in the years ahead as they seek to offer a wider range of advanced treatment options for cancer patients in south east London and further afield," said Adele Lyons, Varian's UK area manager.

The introduction of TrueBeam technology means Guy's Hospital has access to High Intensity Mode, offering higher dose delivery rates and helping to widen the range of treatment options. Varian's new RapidPlan™ knowledge-based treatment planning system is also available to physicists at Guy's to optimize the planning process.  

The radiotherapy service at Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust serves a catchment population of approximately 1.6 million people and currently treats about 3,500 cancer patients each year, but the service is expecting this number to increase with the installation of the new TrueBeam systems.

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