Varian Medical Systems Develops Interface between the ARIA™ Oncology Information System and the PACE™ Wireless Patient Care Monitor™ from SOS | Varian

Varian Medical Systems Develops Interface between the ARIA™ Oncology Information System and the PACE™ Wireless Patient Care Monitor™ from SOS

PALO ALTO, CA — June 1, 2007 — Varian Medical Systems is now offering a software feature that makes it possible for cancer patients to enter self-assessment data into their electronic medical record for enhanced communication with their oncologists. Varian, the world's leading manufacturer of devices and software for cancer treatment, has linked its ARIA™ Oncology Information System with the PACE™ wireless Patient Care Monitor™ from Supportive Oncology Services (SOS).

The PACE Patient Care Monitor enables patients to enter detailed information on an electronic tablet about how they are feeling when they arrive in the waiting room. The system provides an at-a-glance snapshot of past and current patient symptoms so doctors can plan interventions. In addition, patients can review educational materials on the Cancer Support Network that is also located on the e/Tablet, using their waiting time to access information about cancer diagnosis, treatment, symptom management, and emotional wellness.

“The PACE system makes it possible for clinic staff to gather patient information using the time spent waiting to be seen, without committing significant resources for interviewers,‿ said Maureen Thompson, senior director, Varian’s oncology information systems. “It captures information that the patient might forget to mention or hesitate to volunteer during their time with the doctor. The guided self-assessment asks about over 40 key symptoms that should be assessed and addressed repeatedly over a course of treatment for cancer.‿

By linking this information directly into Varian’s ARIA system, it becomes available as an important source of clinical information about that patient, and it can also be aggregated and mined to identify trends and track the effectiveness of different treatment approaches. The ARIA system can use the data to automatically alert physicians to potential problems or significant changes in a patient’s status; trigger alerts that are coupled with recommended interventions; produce graphs and other forms of trend analysis; and develop reports based on patient assessments.

“By coupling the respective power of SOS’s PACE system with Varian’s ARIA Oncology Information System, we are offering oncology practices a powerful tool set for both enhanced patient care and streamlined clinic operations,‿ added David E. Engelhardt, SOS Chief Technology Officer.

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