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The Halcyon system is accessible to all, will not compromise your needs, and provides configuration options to fit your clinic.

With its simple, compact, and patient-centered technology, the Halcyon system allows clinicians to deliver straightforward, high-quality treatments for every patient, everywhere.


Efficient from installation through treatment delivery, and facilitates the improvement of virtually every aspect of a cancer center’s operation and clinical workflows. Fast installation and training enable the start of patient treatments in a couple of weeks.

With a streamlined radiotherapy process, clinics can treat more patients while maintaining quality and safety. The Halcyon system may also help in reducing capital cost while improving productivity.


The Halcyon system is focused on what your clinic needs. Its capabilities in delivering high quality radiotherapy allows clinics to treat patients with conventional and advanced radiation therapy delivery techniques—all optimized to produce the prescribed dose precisely and accurately.

Every treatment is image-guided to provide clinicians with the confidence to evaluate all aspects of the treatment while the patient is on the couch.


The Halcyon system, which advances clinical capability and sustainability, is the 2023 Green Innovation Award winner at the ACES Awards.

See relevant sustainability case study.

HyperSight Imaging*

A revolution in resolution

An epic advancement in image quality, precision, and speed. The next generation of in-room imaging has arrived on Halcyon.

*HyperSight is an optional feature on Halcyon. Not available for sale in all markets.



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Fast treatment

Quick imaging and delivery accelerate treatment time.


Workflow efficiency

Nine-step treatments improve throughput without sacrificing comfort or safety.


Robust ROI

Halcyon is fast to install and simple to maintain—so you can help more patients year over year.

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We’ll help you get connected

Halcyon now FDA-cleared with HyperSight imaging solution option. Not available for sale in all markets.