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A Revolution in Resolution

An epic advancement in image quality, precision, and speed—right inside your treatment room.

Image Quality

Going beyond IGRT

  • Improved spatial and contrast resolution to more precisely target tumor volumes and increase sparing of healthy tissue
  • New metal artifact reduction algorithm enhances image quality for patients with hip prostheses and metal or dental implants


Images you can plan on

  • Delivers the Hounsfield Unit (HU) accuracy expected from conventional CT-simulators
  • Allows calculation of dose distribution directly on the CBCT image
  • New image reconstruction algorithm and increased FOV offers improved visualization of the entire patient volume and surrounding organs at risk (OARs)
60 seconds 6 seconds

Central lung: 6 vs. 60 seconds
HyperSight on Halcyon


A single breath hold is all you need

  • 50% faster image acquisition for all anatomical sites
  • Reduction in motion-related artifacts
  • May minimize patient discomfort and anxiety due to less time on the couch

Imaging Consortium

To compliment and facilitate a successful launch and beyond, we have created the Intelligent Imaging Consortium (IIC), a customer-led consortium chaired by Dr. James Robar, Chief of Medical Physics for Nova Scotia Health.

The IIC will give customers the space to adopt this new technology, co-collaborate and innovate on studies and trials together.

Put the power of the HyperSight imaging solution to work in your clinic today

Larger images. Better contrast. Faster CBCT imaging. With HyperSight, you can gain efficiencies, add new workflows, and expand the capabilities of your in-room imaging solution. Begin your transformation today—with the epic advancement in image quality, precision, and speed that is the HyperSight solution.


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TrueBeam and Edge now FDA-cleared with HyperSight imaging solution option. Not available for sale in all markets.