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    Highly conformal dose distributions

    Deliver precise doses to tumors of the lung, brain, spine, and other areas of the body where radiation is indicated.

  • 2

    Track tumor position in real time

    Precisely calculate patient movement in all six degrees of freedom and monitor respiratory motion.

  • 3

    Highest dosage rate in the industry

    2400 MU/minute delivered with non-ionizing, direct, and real-time guidance

  • 4

    Committed to treatment confidence

    Accuracy checks performed every 10ms

  • 5

    Precise beam shaping

    Extra-fine 2.5mm MLC leaves

  • 6

    HyperSight on Edge

    Improved IGRT and CBCT image acquisition for treatment planning expands your clinical versatility

HyperSight Imaging*

A revolution in resolution

An epic advancement in image quality, precision, and speed. The next generation of in-room imaging has arrived on Halcyon.

*HyperSight is an optional feature on Edge. Not available for sale in all markets.


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We'll help you get connected

Edge now FDA-cleared with HyperSight imaging solution option. Not available for sale in all markets.