Recognizing today's challenges empowers a remarkable future for interventional therapy


Personalizing treatment pathways for each patient


Fragmented workflows from imaging to treatment


Patient access to advanced care

Driven by our ambition to create a world without fear of cancer.

Investing to pioneer breakthroughs in Interventional Radiology for physicians and patients everywhere.

Key Partnerships

Promoting the field of interventional radiology through key partnerships.


Investing to drive meaningful innovation in diagnostic imaging and treatment delivery devices.


Funding research to build the scientific data necessary to drive adoption of minimally-invasive, image-guided procedures.

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Today's solutions that can improve lives forever

Our Interventional Solutions portfolio is built on, and inspired by, Intelligent Cancer Care™ — Varian's commitment to develop technologies that help you make more data data-driven decisions, provide patient-personalized treatment, and increase access to advanced care.


Exceptional control and reliable sculpting precision

Microwave Ablation

Precision, flexibility, and power


Precisely calibrated microspheres for selective and targeted delivery