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From an idea to a successful investigator-initiated study: a step-by-step approach

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February 3-7, 2022


Survey: Where innovation will matter most in IR

We’re all in the business of advancing patient care. Let’s advance it together. We’d like to hear your point of view about how innovation can best serve IR and how Varian can be a meaningful partner as we all work to improve outcomes for patients and enhance their long-term quality of life.


Cryoablation Innovation Shows Promising Real-World Results

In this feature article, Centerline profiles the work of Navid Eghbalieh, M.D., Assistant Professor of Radiology at UCLA Medical Center, and his use of Varian’s V-PROBE® cryoprobe in the treatment of inoperable tumors and for palliative intervention for painful bone metastases.



VarianVision programs are for sharing emerging ideas among thought leaders from across the globe and designed to spark inspiration, accelerate innovation, and advance patient care.

During COVID-19, the VarianVision program hosted a number of virtual roundtables on topics of interest to interventional radiologists.

  • A Perspective on the Future of Embolization
  • Multidisciplinary Cancer Care: What Does the Future Hold?

Our Products

Our Interventional Solutions product portfolio is built on, and inspired by, Intelligent Cancer Care™ — Varian’s commitment to develop technologies that help you make more data-driven decisions, provide patient-personalized treatment, and increase access to advanced care

Ablation Devices and Accessories

Take advantage of these advanced ablation technologies to expand your clinic’s minimally-invasive services, capabilities, and operational excellence.

Embolic Microspheres

Precision. Control. Flexibility. Varian’s Embozene and Oncozene are precisely calibrated microspheres for controlled embolization.


Varian is committed to innovating new ways of elevating cancer care by building intelligent software solutions for interventional oncology.

Patient Education

We’re committed to educating patients with easy-to-understand information about potential treatment options, what to expect during procedures, and the intelligence behind making our innovative solutions possible.