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A revolution in resolution

An epic advancement in image quality, precision, and speed. The next generation of in-room imaging has arrived on Ethos.

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An Adaptive Intelligence Solution

Ethos therapy is a comprehensive, revolutionary new therapy that is patient-centric and personalized—from initial planning to on-couch adaptation and treatment monitoring.

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See More

  • Access diagnostic quality MR, PET and CT images during planning and treatment
  • View daily changes in patient anatomy at the console with high quality, large, FOV images
  • Fast image acquisition and metal artifact reduction minimize image artifacts and improve treatment precision

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  • Gain insight through the advanced power of AI-enhanced image segmentation and AI-driven treatment planning
  • Apply automated dose accumulation and forecasting to monitor treatment progress
  • Harness relevant knowledge to monitor and forecast dose accumulation
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Treat More Precisely

Treat More Precisely

  • Employ an integrated suite of tools for the entire adaptive workflow—from initial planning to on-couch adaptation and treatment monitoring
  • Deliver on the physician’s intent through on-couch adaptive treatment
  • Provide patients with a typical treatment time slot from set-up through delivery
  • Get the flexibility to choose between adaptive and non-adaptive treatments
  • Experience the versatility of selecting sliding window IMRT or VMAT

Listen to the episode on adaptive radiotherapy, an advanced treatment solution that is designed to allow for the adjusting of treatments to more precisely treat tumors while protecting surrounding tissues. In this episode, Sasa Mutic, Senior Vice President at Varian Medical Systems, a Siemens Healthineers company, is joined by:

  • Dr. Eric Horwitz, Chair of the Department of Radiation Oncology at Temple University and Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia
  • Jennifer Pursley, Medical Physicist and assistant professor at Harvard Medical School
  • Kirsten Offereins-van Harten, a senior radiotherapeutic technician at Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Go Beyond

… what you imagined you’d be able to achieve, impact, and inspire on a global scale—with Ethos therapy, an Adaptive Intelligence solution from Varian.