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Varian Medical Systems and Ghent University Hospital Host First European RapidArc™ Radiotherapy Workshop

Ghent, Belgium, February 27, 2009 – Ghent University Hospital in Belgium, a European pioneer in ‘rotational’ radiotherapy treatments, hosted Europe’s first RapidArc™ radiotherapy workshop to share experiences of cancer treatments using RapidArc™ technology from Varian Medical Systems.

Oncology professionals from Belgium and France took part in the event, organized by Varian in conjunction with Ghent University Hospital. “The idea of the workshop was to put together RapidArc users and potential users and to give them the opportunity to share their experiences and learn from others,” said Reynald Van der Straeten, physics application specialist with Varian. “That this event took place in Ghent, where much of the pioneering work on advances in arc therapy has occurred over recent years, made it even more valuable.”

“We are one of the sites that commenced work on rotational intensity modulated treatment techniques,” said Geert Pittomvils, physicist at Ghent University Hospital. “We recently acquired a linear accelerator with RapidArc from Varian and this is the first time we have held a meeting for people who want to use this system. The day was well attended and very worthwhile.”

RapidArc delivers a precise and efficient treatment in single or multiple arcs of the treatment machine around the patient and makes it possible to deliver image-guided intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) up to eight times faster than is possible with conventional IMRT. With RapidArc, Varian’s Clinac® accelerator can target beams at a tumor while continuously rotating around the patient. Conventional IMRT treatments are slower and more difficult for radiotherapy radiographers because they target tumors using a complex sequence of fixed beams from multiple angles.

Since the launch of RapidArc early last year, more than 70 hospitals worldwide have commenced clinical treatments, including the Leuven University Hospital in Belgium. Ghent University Hospital intends to commence RapidArc treatments in the spring.

Ghent University Hospital
Ghent University Hospital, using its own intensity modulated arc therapy planning system, has carried out such treatments on prostate and gynaecological cancer patients for several years with evidence of patient benefits in tumour control and reduced complications.

Professor Marc van Eijkeren, head of the hospital’s Department of Radiation Oncology, said the acquisition of RapidArc was intended to speed up treatments without compromising quality. “The problem is that using our own system, it takes half an hour to deliver treatments, even longer if we use image-guided radiotherapy,” he says. “Our normal radiotherapy treatment slots are ten minutes so it means we take up three slots to deliver one arc therapy treatment, placing a big strain on our busy department.”

"As more and more patients are becoming eligible for these treatments and patient referrals for arc therapy increase, we knew we needed to find a solution that allowed our patients to have these advanced treatments without causing a backlog.”

Ghent University Hospital serves more than 1.5 million people in the northern regions of Belgium.

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