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Varian Medical Systems to Exhibit Full Spectrum of Hardware and Software Products for Treating Cancer with Radiotherapy at ChinaMed Exhibition in Beijing

BEIJING, March 21, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Varian Medical Systems, Inc. (NYSE: VAR), a leading manufacturer of medical devices for treating cancer with radiotherapy, will exhibit the full spectrum of the company's advanced clinical capabilities and technologies at the 24th International Medical Instruments and Equipment Exhibition (ChinaMed), taking place here later this month.  Varian will also co-sponsor a day-long "Advances in Radiation Oncology" symposium, and will present information about recent advances in proton radiotherapy.

Displays in Varian's booth will incorporate information about the company's products, including:

  • TrueBeam™ and Trilogy® medical linear accelerators.  These sophisticated machines accelerate electrons to nearly the speed of light and crash them into a metal target to produce the high-energy X-rays used to treat tumors.  They also incorporate precise beam shaping devices to limit exposure of surrounding healthy tissues during treatment, as well as image-guidance tools, which are used to target tumors more precisely.  A Trilogy machine will be available for viewing in the Varian booth; visitors can also obtain information about TrueBeam and other Varian accelerators.
  • RapidArc® radiotherapy technology, which makes it possible to deliver precise treatments very quickly, in just a few minutes per treatment.
  • Eclipse™ treatment planning, a powerful computer program that optimizes a treatment plan based on a doctor's prescription and a patient's diagnostic images, so that the radiotherapy beam can be focused on the tumor and nearby healthy tissues can be avoided to the greatest extent possible.
  • ARIA® oncology information system, a sophisticated information management program that streamlines clinical processes, improves workflow, eliminates paper charts, and automates many aspects of managing complex radiotherapy treatments. 
  • Brachytherapy solutions for treating cancer by placing tiny radiation sources directly into or next to the area requiring treatment. This is another way for clinicians to deliver a high dose with minimal impact on surrounding healthy tissues.
  • PaxPower™ X-ray tubes and PaxScan® digital image detectors for use in fluoroscopy, special procedures, mammography and cone-beam CT imaging.  "Our X-ray tubes and flat panel detectors were designed to work together to improve image quality, increase patient throughput and reduce overall cost per procedure," said Hsiao-Li Pan, country manager for Varian's X-Ray Products Beijing group.

"Advances in Radiation Oncology" Symposium

In addition, Varian is among the sponsors of an all-day "Advances in Radiation Oncology" symposium taking place on March 24.  Rolf Staehelin, Varian's director of international marketing for Europe, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific regions, is scheduled to talk about recent advances in proton radiotherapy, a method of treating cancer that uses beams of protons to deliver more targeted, precise doses than conventional photon beams.  The symposium was jointly organized by the Radiation Therapy Society of the People's Liberation Army, the Chinese Society of Radiation Oncology (CSTRO), the Chinese Society of Medical Physicists (CSMP), and ChinaMed.

"This will be Varian's 6th year exhibiting at ChinaMed, and we're pleased to showcase the company's world-class solutions at this very important gathering of radiation oncology professionals," said Staehelin.  "We are also delighted to support the major Chinese radiation oncology professional associations, in their efforts to highlight clinical developments in the field and to focus attention on best practices from around the world."

Note to editors: High resolution images of Varian's Trilogy system for image-guided radiotherapy are available online at this URL:


Varian Medical Systems, Inc., of Palo Alto, California, is the world's leading manufacturer of medical devices and software for treating cancer and other medical conditions with radiotherapy, radiosurgery, proton therapy, and brachytherapy. The company supplies informatics software for managing comprehensive cancer clinics, radiotherapy centers and medical oncology practices. Varian is a premier supplier of tubes and digital detectors for X- ray imaging in medical, scientific, and industrial applications and also supplies X-ray imaging products for cargo screening and industrial inspection. Varian Medical Systems employs approximately 5,900 people who are located at manufacturing sites in North America, Europe, and China and approximately 70 sales and support offices around the world. The company's center in Beijing encompasses oncology equipment manufacturing operations, an educational center for radiotherapy clinical professionals, a customer service center, and X-ray Products assembly and service.  For more information, visit






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