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2016年 11月 01日 | Research Q&A, Prof. Grau
The Danish Center for Particle Therapy will be a public, national research center, offering proton therapy free of charge to all appropriate Danish patients. In this Q&A, Cai Grau, DMSc, discusses how the face of radiotherapy care in Denmark is changing. 閱讀全文 >
  • Perentesis
2016年 10月 19日 | Research Q&A, Dr. Perentesis
In this Q&A, Dr. Perentesis shares his thoughts on some of the benefits of proton therapy research including reducing side effects and secondary cancers, as well as improving long-term outcomes. 閱讀全文 >
  • Damien Charles Weber, MD
2016年 10月 05日 | Research Q&A, Dr. Weber
The Center for Proton Therapy at the Paul Scherrer Institute focuses research on the optimization of treatment delivery and development of innovative treatment concepts. In this Q&A, Dr. Weber offers his insight and experience in proton therapy. 閱讀全文 >
2016年 09月 21日 | Proton News
Highlighted at the Varian Medial Systems' booth #5063 at ASTRO will be the ProBeam® Compact Single-Room Proton Therapy System that offers end-to-end integration, enabling adaptive therapy for better patient care. 閱讀全文 >
2016年 09月 07日 | Physician Perspective, Dr. Ryan Grover
Head and neck cancers can be challenging to treat as they are often adjacent to multiple critical structures, such as the optic nerves or the brain stem. At Scripps, we are successfully treating these complex cancers using multi-field optimization intensity-modulated proton therapy (MFO-IMPT) and CBCT. 閱讀全文 >
  • Cincinnati Children’s/UCH Proton Center
2016年 08月 24日 | Proton News
The projected number of centers opened by 2018 will include 88 treatment centers scattered around the globe and reaching patients in underserved regions like China, India, Russia and the Middle East. 閱讀全文 >

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