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Varian to Equip New Ethos Personalized Adaptive Therapy Center in Phoenix

PALO ALTO, Calif., March 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Varian (NYSE: VAR) today announced it was selected to equip the new Ethos Personalized Adaptive Therapy Center in Phoenix, Arizona, and help launch a new era in cancer treatment for patients in the region.  Ethos™ therapy provides the ability to personalize the patient's radiation treatments based on their anatomy and the tumor's shape and position on a daily basis at the time of treatment. The goal is to better target the tumor, reduce dose to healthy tissue, and potentially improve overall patient outcomes.

This new center will be equipped with Varian's Ethos therapy. This artificial intelligence (AI)-driven holistic adaptive therapy solution is designed to deliver an entire adapted treatment for daily personalized radiation therapy in a typical 15-minute timeslot.

"We are excited to be opening this new center to bring a new level of personalized care to all cancer patients in Arizona and proud to be among the first clinics to offer Ethos therapy in the United States," said John Kresl MD PhD, senior partner and medical director at Palo Verde Cancer Specialists and Phoenix CyberKnife™ Center. "Ethos therapy will continue to enable our physicians to be the leaders in providing the latest state-of-the-art tumor focused radiation therapy by better visualizing the daily changes in a patient's anatomy and quickly adapt their therapy right on the spot, thereby potentially providing better treatments to our patients. We initially plan to use Ethos therapy for pancreas, prostate, breast, head & neck, and lung cancer treatments."

"Every patient deserves personalized cancer care," said Chris Toth, president Varian Oncology Systems. "The launch of Ethos therapy was a transformational moment for cancer care, and we are honored to be working with this new center to bring these adaptive treatments to patients in Arizona and help us move closer to creating a world without fear of cancer."

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