Philadelphia PA
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Varian is now partnered with UPenn Medicine tooffer a comprehensive proton therapy training and
education program for your entire clinical team. The
UPenn Proton Clinical School is a complete clinical
training program that provides in-depth knowledge
for the clinical applications of Proton Therapy. The
program consists of both a web-based learning
component and an onsite specialty hands-on
internship. The web-based component consists of at
least 70 topics incorporated into 4 different modules.
The Onsite specialty hands-on internship will consist
of up to 40 person-weeks of training provided to a
cohort of the Customer’s employees at UPENN in
Philadelphia, PA. The intended audience includes
radiation oncologists, medical physicists, radiation
therapists and medical dosimetrists. Additional
weeks of training are available upon request for all
disciplines indicated above. Please email for more information.