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  • Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
2016年 08月 10日 | Proton News
On August 8, 2016, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and UC Health celebrated the grand opening of their new Proton Therapy Center, equipped with the ProBeam® System from Varian Medical Systems. 查看全文
2016年 07月 26日 | Certified Medical Dosimetrist (CMD), Anthony Magliari
Using the ProBeam® Proton Therapy System and the current release of Eclipse™ (13.7) treatment planning software, Varian had the honor of achieving the highest scoring proton plan in the 2016 AAMD/RSS plan study. 查看全文
  • CBCT
2016年 07月 13日 | Physician Perspective, Dr. Carl Rossi
In-room cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) has made adaptive radiotherapy much more effective-and efficient- because we no longer have to rely upon arbitrary time periods for doing a repeat diagnostic CT scan. Instead, we can now customize when a patient receives a diagnostic CT scan based on his/her CBCT “trigger” scan, and we can more quickly respond to the changing clinical situation. 查看全文
  • Lei Dong, PhD, director ad chief of medical physics at the Scripps Proton Therapy Center, San Diego, CA
2016年 06月 29日 | Expert Perspective, Dr. Lei Dong
Adaptive radiotherapy has been considered a necessary quality assurance practice for high-precision patient treatment, and we are at the very beginning of making this a clinical reality. In-room CBCT is a powerful tool... 查看全文
2016年 06月 15日 | Physician Perspective, Dr. Carl Rossi
Adaptive radiotherapy describes the process by which a patient’s treatment plan can be changed or “adapted” as necessary during the course of their treatment. This can mitigate changes in the patient’s anatomy due to events like weight loss, tumor motion or shrinkage, and differential organ motion. 查看全文
  • IMPT
2016年 01月 01日 | Archived Newsletter
Welcome to the Winter 2016 issue of Spot ON, a quarterly e-newsletter from Varian Medical Systems' Particle Therapy group. 查看全文

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