FlashForward™ 联盟

FLASH 疗法是一种在超高速下(小于1秒)以高剂量率进行体外射束照射的 1 - 3 个疗程的非侵入性治疗 这种新疗法代表了治疗癌症的一个令人激动且具有潜在希望的新方向。

FlashForward 联盟的任务是继续研究并使用 ProBeam 平台构建循证 FLASH 疗法指引。工作小组将协助确定临床前研究设计以了解这一疗法,制定并分享能够为新用户提供高质量安全临床启动的方案,并协助法规和宣传倡导工作。

We are very excited about the initial preclinical research that has been done on FLASH therapy and the potential for a major breakthrough in cancer care. Varian’s preclinical results have shown significantly reduced toxicities to healthy tissues while maintaining excellent tumor control and thereby enhancing the therapeutic ratio. We look forward to working closely with the members of the FlashForward Consortium and taking a big step forward in the fight against cancer.

- Deepak “Dee” Khuntia, M.D.


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