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Varian supplies both linear and panel detectors for industrial X-ray imaging applications. These products are typically customized for individual customers based on their own unique system requirements. By providing a complete range of imaging components, Varian products can be optimized to produce the cleanest and sharpest images available. Standard and custom configurations offer the following features:

High Dynamic Range

Varian detection systems allow imaging the finest details in air (approx. 0.5 mm wire) while still being able to penetrate and see dense objects behind large amounts of steel.

Excellent Sensitivity

The detection system maintains incremental sensitivity to attenuation differences throughout a wide range.

Small Element Size

The physical size of detector elements is another important determinant that contributes to spatial resolution.

Signal-to-noise Performance:

The detection system processes the input signal at various stages‚ starting from conversion of input X-ray photons into light‚ conversion of light into electrical signals, and finally conversion of electrical signal strength into digital form.

Scatter Rejection

Several special design and construction considerations are implemented in Varian detectors to minimize the effects of scatter.

Artifact Reduction

Varian’s detectors provide synchronized pulse control, reference output corrections, software imaging processing, adaptive signal thresholds, and other techniques to reduce and remove artifacts from the final images.


Penetration is a strong function of the X-ray source. Varian systems provide energies above about 2.5 MeV to achieve full penetration of a cargo container.