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"This group is the market leader in high energy X-ray technology for cargo security and industrial inspection applications, worldwide."

Sunny Sanyal, Senior Vice President and President, Imaging Components

Security & Industrial Components

Varian designs state-of-the-art security and inspection solutions, leading the market in high-energy X-ray devices for cargo security and non-destructive testing applications.

  • Linear Accelerators
    The latest interlaced dual-energy technology offers improved material discrimination, with an option to alternate X-ray energies on a pulse-to-pulse basis.
  • Digital Detectors
    Varian supplies modular linear and panel detectors for industrial X-ray imaging applications that scale to meet requirements, and are easily maintained in busy...
  • Industrial Inspection Services
    Varian’s X-ray inspection service provides X-ray computed tomography services for a wide range of industrial needs, including automotive and aerospace...
  • Imaging Software
    Varian offers specialized imaging software and hardware for advanced digital medical imaging systems, including radiography and fluoroscopy, digital...
  • Industrial Tubes
    Varian provides industrial X-ray tube products for applications in non-destructive testing (NDT), X-ray inspection, X-ray baggage screening, and thickness...