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Digital Radiography Made Fast, Accurate, and Affordable

Nexus DR is an advanced digital image acquisition system designed to automate patient workflow. It is a cost effective trouble free solution with advanced image processing algorithms for optimal image quality and excellent reliability.

The design goal of the Nexus DR was to provide fast accurate diagnostic images with minimal user interaction. With that in mind, our engineers have spent countless hours focused on optimizing the operation to allow the X-ray technologist to ignore it while it works hard for them.

Advanced Image Quality

  • Extensive pre-loaded exam profiles
  • Processing and enhancement tuned to each anatomical protocol
  • Site specific tuning capability


  • Nexus DR products are designed to be packaged and resold to end users by our customers. This means that Varian has focused a lot of design effort on cost effective hardware and software while still maintaining excellent reliability for long trouble-free operation.


  • IOS-like look and feel with multi-touch monitor
  • Pick a patient from the displayed list. (With RIS Integration)
  • Initiate the image acquisition sequence.
  • The system will automatically step through the previously defined protocol and send the images to the DICOM server.
  • DICOM 3.0 compliant

Integration Capabilities

  • Nexus DR can be configured to control your generator to eliminate the generator console. Consult your Varian account manager about the possibility of integrating your preferred generator.

For more information, download the Nexus-DR™ product sheet .

Nexus-DRF Digital Imaging System
Nexus-DRFTM Digital Imaging System

A powerful multi-purpose digital imaging system, the Nexus-DRF combines RF and DR capabilities on one imaging platform using various flat panel detectors. One system, designed to increase the value of your entire imaging product portfolio.

Nexus-DRF supports seamless and simultaneous interfacing to both static and dynamic flat panel detectors, as well as CCD cameras.

  • Windows 7® - 64 bit operating system with intuitive graphic user interface.
  • NVDIA K2000 series video card — the same card used by many major medical imaging equipment manufacturers.
  • Direct-X technology for image display.
  • CUDA interface library for parallel image processing, developed by NVIDIA and accessible to software developers through industry standard programming languages.
  • No limit to fluoro loop frames with the Nexus-DRF system.

Nexus-DRF includes InfiVision® automatic image enhancement software for excellent image quality on the first shot. It uses advanced image processing algorithms and automatically applies optimal image shutters, decreasing exposure.

A clean user interface minimizes the learning curve and makes overall system navigation quick and easy while optimizing image area on the monitor.

For more information, download the Nexus-DRF product sheet .