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X-Ray Imaging Components

Varian’s imaging components is a premier supplier of high-quality tubes, digital detectors, and image processing workstations for X-ray imaging in medical, scientific, and industrial applications and also supplies high-energy X-ray devices for cargo screening and non-destructive testing applications. Its products are used by major X-ray imaging system manufacturers’ equipment around the world for medical diagnostics, dental imaging, veterinary care, industrial inspection, and security.

Varian’s Imaging Components business has a 50 plus year history of dedication to the imaging industry.

Sunny Sanyal, Senior Vice President and President, Imaging Components

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Varian’s imaging component solutions are designed for use in high-speed, high quality, wireless, and digital imaging systems.
Varian specializes in offering advanced imaging products and solutions designed to produce reliable, high quality images under the most demanding environments.
Service & Support
Varian’s X-Ray Imaging Components business is committed to customer service and support