Marketplace FAQs

Q. What is Varian Marketplace™?

A. Varian Marketplace is a digital marketplace for Varian software product extensions created by customers to solve real world clinical and operational problems. The marketplace lets developers share their Varian-related applications (apps) with Varian customers, and offers Varian customers a place to access solutions created by their peers.

Q. Who is the Varian Marketplace for?

A. Varian Marketplace is available only for Varian customers or others with a valid MyVarian account. Varian Marketplace is a not an open community.

Q. How do I log in or register?

A. Varian Marketplace is currently only open to all Varian customers.  You can login into the community using your existing MyVarian account name and password. If you do not have a MyVarian account, please visit MyVarian and click "Create new account."

Q. What is Varian’s role in Varian Marketplace?

A. Although the Varian Marketplace is hosted by Varian, it is intended to contain primarily user generated content. Varian will play a limited role in the Varian Marketplace, for instance, to enforce the Terms of Use and Privacy Statement.

Q. Does Varian validate and verify the content offered on Varian Marketplace? 

A. Developers are solely responsible for evaluating and testing each application (including its technology, functionality, performance, security and user interface) and verifying all regulatory and technical requirements are satisfied before submitting the application to the site. Upon submission of an application, Varian reserves the right to conduct any type of review of the application.

Q. What kind of content should be on Varian Marketplace?

A. The content (applications) should be related to Varian software products. These applications categories include, but are not limited to Eclipse™, ARIA®, InSightive™.

Q. May I use Varian brand product names when naming content on Varian Marketplace? 

A. No.  Trademark and other legal considerations prevent Varian from authorizing the inclusion of its product brand names in the names of user content on Varian Marketplace.

Q. How do I know that Varian Marketplace is a secure forum and my contributions to private groups are safe?

A. Varian Marketplace is built on a robust industry grade customer relationship management (CRM) platform managed by, Inc. The Salesforce environment maintains some of the highest security standards in the industry such as utilizing secure transmissions via Transport Layer Security (TLS) cryptographic protocols, global step-up certificates, ensuring users have a secure connection from their browsers to the service, and firewall network protection measures. Many other Fortune 500 companies rely on this platform to keep customer data safe. For further information about your security within Varian Marketplace, please refer to, and our Terms of Use and Privacy Statement.

Q. Is it ok to discuss patient cases on Varian Marketplace?

A. It is ok to discuss clinical matters, but protected health information and patient identifying information must not be part of any discussion. All of the data posted on Varian Marketplace must be anonymized prior to posting.

Q. What Internet requirements are necessary for running Varian Marketplace?

A. Please use the latest browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer. For Internet Explorer the minimum version required is IE9.

Q. Why am I sent to MyVarian when I request a Varian Marketplace account?

A. Varian Medical Systems utilizes a third party single sign on (SSO) solution to verify, streamline, and secure user accounts. To sign up for a Varian ID, users need to create a MyVarian account. The same username and password used to create your MyVarian account will give you access to Varian Marketplace.

Q. Can I talk about product complaints and related product issues on Varian Marketplace?

A. If the complaint is related to Varian Marketplace portal please send us an email. If the issue is related to an individual application from the Varian Marketplace, please contact the developer directly. The developer contact information can be found on the application download page.

Q. What are the various requirements for uploading apps onto Varian Marketplace?

A. Please join Varian Marketplace to find out more.