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Proton Therapy | Treatment Process

Proton Therapy | Treatment Process

As cancer fighting technologies continue to evolve, cancer patients expect the latest and very best treatment facilities. Varian has designed the proton therapy system to be highly adaptive and scalable to help clinics improve service to the community as new treatments emerge.

Not only is the proton therapy system designed to accommodate future technologies, but it also helps address the most cost-effective needs of your facility today. For instance, you can start with a single-room center and expand to a multi-room facility. Since all hardware is modular, even large centers can expand and upgrade as required.

Larger treatment centers will find that the Varian system is capable of servicing the most challenging population demands as well.

Treatment Planning and Preparation

Eclipse™ treatment planning system
Treatment Rooms
Patient Positioning System

Treatment Delivery

Varian 250 MeV Superconducting Cyclotron Proton Accelerator
Beam Transport System
Pencil beam scanning Nozzles

Image and information management

ARIA™ Oncology Information System

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