Product Demos

Oncology Information Systems

  • ARIA® oncology information system
  • Varian Mobile
  • InSightive™ analytics
  • noona® software application

Treatment Planning Systems

  • Eclipse treatment planning system
  • Eclipse treatment planning system and RapidPlan knowledge-based planning for Proton therapy
  • RapidPlan knowledge-based planning
  • Velocity™ imaging informatics software
  • BrachyVision™ treatment planning system
  • VariSeed™ LDR treatment planning system
  • Vitesse™ HDR treatment planning system

Treatment Delivery

  • Ethos™ adaptive therapy solution
  • TrueBeam® radiotherapy system
  • Edge® radiosurgery system
  • Halcyon® system
  • HyperArc® high-definition radiotherapy
  • IDENTIFY™ system
  • VitalBeam® radiotherapy system
  • ProBeam® 360° proton therapy system
  • BRAVOS® afterloader system
  • Brachytherapy applicators

Treatment Techniques

  • Adaptive Therapy
  • HyperArc® high-definition radiotherapy
  • Proton Therapy
  • Proton Flash Research
  • Brachytherapy

Imaging for Radiation Therapy

  • SOMATOM go.Sim
  • SOMATOM go.Open Pro
  • MAGNETOM RT Pro edition for MAGNETOM Sola and Vida
  • AI based autocontouring solutions

Artificial Intelligence

  • Ethos™ adaptive therapy solution
  • RapidPlan® knowledge-based planning
  • Eclipse™ treatment planning system and RapidPlan® knowledge-based planning for Proton therapy

Interventional Radiology

  • CryoCare Touch™

Advanced Oncology Solutions

  • Clinical Services
  • Professional Services
  • Digitally-Enabled Services

Remote Services and Collaboration Tools

  • Varian Mobile
  • Smart Services
  • InSightive™ analytics
  • noona® software application
  • FullScale™ Cloud Managed Services

Quality Assurance

  • Mobius3D® QA platform
  • DoseLab® linac QA

Education and Training

  • VarianThink®
  • Clinical Consulting
  • empowerME Patient Engagement and Education

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