Elevate treatment planning through its unique synergy of quality, efficiency, and integration.

Eclipse™ treatment planning system

  • Quality: Plan with greater consistency and higher quality
  • Efficiency: Create, evaluate, and collaborate on plans more quickly
  • Integration: Integrate radiotherapy treatment planning seamlessly into your patient’s care plan
Eclipse & RapidPlan for proton therapy

Eclipse & RapidPlan for proton therapy

High quality plans automatically generated in a fraction of the time.

Eclipse™ PT treatment planning system and RapidPlan® PT knowledge-based planning

  • Combining proton Monte Carlo dose calculation algorithm, machine learning, and robust planning features to create optimal plans customized for each patient
  • Increased accuracy and efficiency with GPU-accelerated Monte Carlo algorithm
  • Improve range uncertainty and reduce margins for healthy tissue sparing with dual-energy CT
Eclipse & RapidPlan for proton therapy

Eclipse scripting

Ask a customer expert about scripting in Eclipse™ treatment planning system. Speak with an Eclipse user who builds ESAPI (Eclipse Scripting Application Program Interface) applications for research and clinical use.

Eclipse scripting

Register below for this special, one-on-one “Ask a Customer Expert” session to get answers to your questions about Eclipse Scripting.

  • Matthew C Schmidt, MS
    Matthew C Schmidt, MS
    Clinical Physicist, Physics Division
    Washington University
  • Rex Cardan, PhD, DABR
    Rex Cardan, PhD, DABR
    Associate Professor
    UAB Medicine


“Ask a customer expert about RapidPlan® knowledge-based planning.” Harness the power of machine learning to improve treatment planning with Eclipse.

Register below for this special, one-on-one “Ask a Customer Expert” session to get answers to your questions about RapidPlan.

  • Kevin L. Moore, PhD, DABR
    Kevin L. Moore, PhD, DABR
    Associate Professor
    UC San Diego Health


Transform disconnected data into actionable clinical knowledge.

Velocity™ imaging informatics software

  • See all the imaging and treatment information on a comprehensive dashboard
  • Quantitative and qualitative metrics for fast response assessment analysis
  • Remote segmentation interface
  • RapidSphere™ image-guided Y90 voxel-based dosimetry provides insight into where your Y90 dose was delivered


Simplifies the development of complex brachytherapy treatment plans.

BrachyVision™ treatment planning system

  • Wide range of options: Plan HDR, LDR, and PDR treatments with advanced drawing tools
  • Simple, intuitive controls allow for complete focus on every patient
  • Integrated with ARIA® OIS and Eclipse™ treatment planning system for improved visibility and workflow


Flexible planning for low-dose rate (LDR) treatments with a quick and accurate workflow.

VariSeed™ LDR treatment planning system

  • Versatility for LDR use cases, from simple and straightforward pre-planning to complex, real-time procedures
  • Simple to learn and easy to use tab-based workflow
  • Proven reliability with over 1,700 systems sold in over 47 countries


Plan HDR treatments in real time with no need for CT imaging.

Vitesse™ real-time planning

  • Pre-planned needle placement follows the physician in real time using sophisticated tools to track needle paths
  • Easy-to-use tools to enable treatment planning and delivery quickly and accurately
  • Enhanced targeting with structures contoured on diagnostic MRI and fused with ultrasound


Share, analyze, and review plan data and images across multiple endpoints securely and efficiently, wherever you are.

ePeerReview™ web-based plan review software

  • Remotely review plan data and collaborate with clinical teams through a customizable web-based portal on your desktop or tablet
  • Review plans independently at a time that suits each reviewer’s schedule and time zone
  • Collects raw data and uses analytics and machine learning to turn them into actionable insights presented on a convenient dashboard


Provides insights and services that can help expand your oncology practice and achieve operational excellence.

CTSI, Oncology Practice Solutions

  • Evidence-based Solutions: Implement best practices to help remove variances in clinical workflows
  • Operational Efficiency & Excellence: Continuous learnings from data and services across the care continuum form data-driven solutions to support clinical needs
  • Expand Your Network: Customizable solutions designed with your clinic in mind to bridge the gaps among your operations

Additional Offerings

AI Segmentation

AI Segmentation

Designed to provide fast, accurate, and intelligent contouring to improve reproducibility of critical structure delineation.

AI Segmentation

  • Designed to:
    • Reduce contouring time by up to 80% over manual contouring
    • Improve consistency and reproducibility of critical structure delineation
  • Cloud-hosted, web-based solution accessed through Eclipse™ treatment planning system


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