Remote Services and Collaboration Tools

Varian Mobile

Varian Mobile

Streamlines your workflow and increases efficiency by giving you the freedom to access key areas of the ARIA® OIS at the point of care or on the go.

Varian Mobile

  • Access ARIA from anywhere, anytime (internet access required)
  • Get radiation and medical oncology support
  • Enhance your productivity and reduce workflow bottlenecks


Patient outcomes management solution designed to engage patients in their care, improve care team efficiency, and help preserve patient health.

Noona® software application

  • Easy-to-use tool that provides patients with the ability to report symptoms in real time, access information, and communicate with their care teams
  • Automates patient management activities and seamlessly integrates with EMR
  • Structured data capture enables more proactive care and more informed clinical decisions


Enhanced data visualization tools help uncover insights that help enable better evidence-based decisions for your clinics and patients.

InSightive™ analytics

  • Seamless integration with the ARIA® OIS allows you to unlock the value of your oncology data
  • Over two dozen pre-built dashboards with industry-standard use cases that save you countless hours of analysis
  • Customization and personalization tools help tailor analyses to your specific needs and workflow


Learn more about CTSI's commissioning services, remote dosimetry services, and remote physics services.

CTSI Oncology Solutions

CTSI provides cancer care professional services to healthcare providers worldwide. CTSI offers innovative and technologically advanced treatment solutions through an IT-based model that allows integration and centralization of core services

  • Evidence-based Solutions: Implement best practices to help remove variances in clinical workflows
  • Operational Efficiency & Excellence: Continuous learnings from data and services across the care continuum form data-driven solutions to support clinical needs
  • Expand Your Network: Customizable solutions designed with your clinic in mind to bridge the gaps among your operations
Managed Services

Managed Services

Deploy Varian software efficiently and flexibly with our managed IT services.

Varian Managed Services

  • Reduce costs with an OpEx business model, automated services, and Varian-hosted solutions
  • Ensure your systems are functioning optimally and continually updated with proactive monitoring and anti-obsolescence protection
  • Improve operational efficiency with fully hosted solutions, standardized and scalable architecture, and data backup and protection


Share, analyze, and review plan data and images across multiple endpoints securely and efficiently, wherever you are.

ePeerReview™ web-based plan review software

  • Remotely review plan data and collaborate with clinical teams through a customizable web-based portal on your desktop or tablet
  • Review plans independently at a time that suits each reviewer’s schedule and time zone
  • Collects raw data and uses analytics and machine learning to turn them into actionable insights presented on a convenient dashboard