Multidisciplinary Cancer Care: What Does the Future Hold?


Every patient’s cancer diagnosis is different, and consequently, there is really no valid “one size fits all” approach to treatment. Recently-published long-term research* shows that the use of multidisciplinary collaboration leads to changes in diagnosis, treatment, and survival. The surveyed research shows that a multidisciplinary approach is the best way to deliver the complex care needed by cancer patients; however, it is a challenge that requires organizational and cultural changes and must be led by competent health managers who can improve teamwork within their organizations.

Join a panel of experts with deep experience working across specialties for the benefit of their patients.

Topics covered:

  • Working together to decide on treatment approaches and how these decisions are affected by a patient’s stage/comorbidities/other factors
  • Coordinating care with outside referring hospitals
  • Types of clinical data that are important to different specialties within the multi-disciplinary team
  • What kinds of organizational structures/support are essential for successful multidisciplinary collaboration?
  • Collaboration tools - which ones are useful and how?
  • Overcoming challenges within the multi-disciplinary team, and barriers to patients gaining access to a multidisciplinary care program
  • How a multi-disciplinary team optimally thinks through management options for patients with recurrent disease


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A Perspective on the Future of Embolization

This webinar is intended solely for scientific and/or educational purposes and should not be construed as promotion. The content of this webinar is not specific to any Varian products. In the event that certain applications being discussed are off-label relative to the cleared/approved indications of Varian products, we reinforce that Varian does not condone such use and that our products should only be used in a manner consistent with their cleared/approved Instructions For Use.

This presentation is designed to help participants understand the current state of research on these uses for embolization. It will cover:

  • Prostate Artery Embolization and the supporting data, patient selection
  • Early data and experience for Genicular Artery Embolization
  • Frozen Shoulder Embolization
  • Treatment of Hemorrhoids with Arterial Embolization


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