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Varian Unveils New Bravos Afterloader System for Brachytherapy Treatments

Bravos.pngAt ASTRO last year, Varian introduced the new Bravos™ afterloader system for high-dose-rate (HDR) brachytherapy. Based on over five years of in-clinic research, Bravos is an integrated system designed to simplify brachytherapy treatment, provide greater workflow efficiency, and improve the experience of patients and clinicians.

The Bravos afterloader features a touchscreen control and an intuitive LED display that simplify the process.  The touchscreen provides easy access to patient treatment information on the afterloader, eliminating the need to leave the room to retrieve patient and treatment information.  Green, yellow and red LED lights guide clinicians through the correct connection process of transfer guide tubes. Green lights signal a proper connection; yellow and red lights alert the clinician to areas needing correction.

To help increase efficiency of the treatment process, Bravos features a customizable pre-treatment checklist on the touchscreen. As with surgical procedures, the customizable checklist allows the clinician to set a review process including a time-out for patient safety as well as e-signatures for speed and accuracy.

"We are excited about the capabilities of Bravos," said Vicki Currie, lead brachytherapy physicist at Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital in the UK. "As we continue to use and learn the features of this new system, the clinical efficiencies will enable us to improve our brachytherapy workflow." 

"After spending time in clinics around the world talking with the treatment teams, we saw the opportunity to create a system that is easy to use and creates greater efficiencies, allowing clinicians to spend more time with the patient," said Ed Vertatschitsch, vice president, Global Portfolio Solutions, Varian. "Bravos is a big step forward for brachytherapy treatments and we will continue to collaborate with our partners in achieving new victories against cancer."

Bravos integrates with Varian's BrachyVision™ for treatment planning and offers interoperability with Varian ARIA® oncology information system.  For more information on Bravos visit

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