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Share RapidPlan Models on OncoPeer Site

Share RapidPlan Models on OncoPeer Site

Clinicians can now access an interactive online group for sharing RapidPlan™ treatment plan models for radiotherapy or radiosurgery.  Hosted on the OncoPeer™ Cloud Community, the RapidPlan Model Sharing group is open to Varian customers, and allows clinicians from diverse institutions to share their models with one another.

The first RapidPlan model shared on OncoPeer was a stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) treatment of lung cancer that comes from the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre in Glasgow, U.K. RapidPlan knowledge-based planning provides clinicians with models that have been shown to enhance the quality and speed of developing treatment plans for many types of external beam radiotherapy and allows clinicians to build and improve models.  

"RapidPlan has positively increased the efficiency and quality of our treatment plan development," said Garry Currie, head of Radiotherapy Physics at the center in Glasgow. "By sharing our RapidPlan models on OncoPeer, we have the opportunity to share our knowledge and contribute to the collective understanding of high-quality treatment plan development around the world.  Also, we create the opportunity to learn from others in the community so that we can continue to increase the quality of our plans here in Scotland."

Launched in 2015, OncoPeer enables users to initiate threaded discussions, form open or closed groups, share and comment about uploaded files, create events, monitor trending keywords within the community and sort information by keyword. 

"We are very pleased with the growth of OncoPeer over the past year and the creation of new knowledge sharing groups like this one for RapidPlan, are testament to the desire of clinicians around the world to learn from each other in this fight against cancer," said Sukhveer Singh, vice president Oncology Continuum Solutions at Varian. "We will continue to expand this important knowledge sharing resource to help newer users learn about the latest in treatment planning."  Read more about OncoPeer.