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The New Varian Clinical School: Three Days of Case-Based Learning from Top Clinicians

The New Varian Clinical School: Three Days of Case-Based Learning from Top Clinicians

First session coming up fast, August 14-16, 2017

Varian’s Education Department is pleased to announce the new Varian Clinical School, which brings together expert clinicians from leading cancer centers for case-based learning that offers participants the clinical knowledge needed for implementing advanced treatment modalities. The three-day program covers a range of topics disease-site by disease-site. From discussing optimal treatment approaches to planning for special procedures; from determining and executing strategies for motion management to quality assurance for complex radiosurgery cases, the course is designed to enable implementation of these and other advanced approaches. Discussions cover forward-looking ways of approaching treatment, including hypofractionation, deep inspiration breath hold, SRS, SBRT, and adaptive radiotherapy, with a focus on imaging, choice of protocol, positioning and immobilization, contouring, treatment planning, and treatment delivery.

“We designed this course for physicians, physicists and dosimetrists, and it is especially ideal for teams that work together in a clinical setting," said Patrick Kupelian, vice president of clinical affairs at Varian.  "During each half day, instructors will go over specific types of cases that are either common, or a few that would be challenging, and participants will talk about how to treat. We’ll have discussion led by physicians for the clinical perspective, and then medical physicists will cover the treatment planning angle, and how to incorporate advanced techniques. The discussions will also cover important steps in QA, dose calculations, contouring, and clinical management of cases."

The Varian Clinical School will take place at the Las Vegas education facility. Sessions have been scheduled as follows:

*  August 14-16, 2017

*  September 18-20, 2017

*  November 13-15, 2017

*  December 11-13, 2017

Click here for a detailed flyer that also lists faculty for each session

Registration information is available here.



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