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IDENTIFY:  The Next Generation of SGRT Technology Is Now Available

IDENTIFY: The Next Generation of SGRT Technology Is Now Available

Varian added the IDENTIFY™ system to the company’s product portfolio with an acquisition in August of 2018.  This system for patient identification, accessory and patient setup, and motion monitoring has been in clinical use in the United States at the Huntsman Cancer Institute in Salt Lake City, UT; Olympic Cancer Center in Sequim, WA; and Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, NC.  The latest version of IDENTIFY™, which introduced several enhancements and brought the system into the Varian product portfolio, has now been installed at McKay-Dee Hospital in Ogden, UT; Advocate Radiation Oncology in Fort Myers, FL; Mountain View Hospital in Idaho Falls, ID and several customer sites in Europe.  

IDENTIFY incorporates patient safety, quality, efficiency and surface-guided radiotherapy (SGRT) features in a single, smoothly-automated workflow solution. The IDENTIFY system features a contact-less palm reader for patient identification, radio frequency identification (RFID) technology for proper accessory verification and positioning on the treatment couch, automatic synchronization with the oncology information system (ARIA® or MOSAIQ®)* through HL7, and SGRT cameras for proper patient positioning and motion monitoring throughout the treatment.

The clinical team at McKay-Dee finds the IDENTIFY system easy to use; they are using it with every patient and also to manage deep inspiration breath-hold treatment for left-sided breast and for liver, kidney, and lung SBRT.

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Arie Dosoretz, MD, from Advocate Radiation Oncology, says: “As a radiation oncologist, I am always looking for the best possible way I can set up and monitor my patients so that they receive the treatment I designed specifically for them. IDENTIFY is another powerful tool in our arsenal helping us to accomplish these goals.”

“IDENTIFY is designed to help clinical teams avoid errors by identifying and monitoring patients reliably,” said Chris Huyghe, senior global product leader at Varian.  “Its ease of use, automation and integration into each customer’s workflow allows for fast adoption by the clinical staff and helps them treat patients quickly and with confidence. In addition, IDENTIFY™ is an invaluable tool for DIBH, SBRT and SRS treatments. I believe IDENTIFY will become part of the standard delivery process at every cancer center in the not too distant future.”

*ARIA v13.6 MR1.2 or later with ARIA Connect 2.0 or later, and MOSAIQ v2.62 to v2.82, with the following required HL7 interfaces: ESI Schedule Export, ESI Document Export

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