These tailored solutions enable clinics to have access to highly experienced clinical experts and exemplary processes to improve clinical quality, ensure compliance with local and national regulations, all while reducing costs.

Resource optimization to help you achieve a new standard of care.

Physics Commissioning

Comprehensive technology commissioning, implementation, and validation to industry standards.

  • Minimizes downtime and mitigates revenue loss
  • Removes need for in-house commissioning expertise
  • Promotes patient safety by allowing treatment center physicists to focus on patient care
  • Increases utilization of existing equipment
  • Rapid Linac and TPS commissioning including full validation of beam models in TPS
  • Comprehensive technology commissioning, implementation and validation to industry standards
  • Hands on collaboration with industry leading experts for knowledge development and Linac go live processes
  • Provides all necessary measurement equipment and utilise inhouse developed software to streamline the process
  • Supply of independent equipment for data acquisition and validation.
  • Fast turnaround resulting in greater efficiency
  • Access to Varian developer mode, tools and historical data ensuring more confidence

Quality Assurance Services

Assessing radiotherapy equipment to validate proper functioning and adherence to AAPM and local guidelines.

  • Provides access to a highly skilled expert familiar with all equipment and processes to optimize results
  • Reduces after-hours work performed by clinical staff
  • Avoids costs incurred due to usage of required, but infrequently utilized equipment
  • Assessing radiotherapy equipment to validate proper functioning, ensuring adherence to local guidelines
  • Provision of QA services by local-registered physicists to ensure proper functioning of radiotherapy equipment as per local and international QA guidelines
  • Reduce after-hours work performed by clinical staff, reducing staff attrition and burnout
  • Provide access to highly-skilled experts familiar with all equipment processes to optimize results and reduce burden on local physics team

RapidPlan Modeling

Bringing consistency through standardization while providing individualized patient care.

  • Evaluation of dosimetry workflow
  • Creation of custom scripts to automate processes
  • End-to-end planning process review with new RapidPlan models and scripting automation
  • Remote support and peer review for up to six months post training

Rapid Go-Live

Validating the Varian system prior to the first patient treatment.

  • Includes a comprehensive list of physics tasks
  • Minimizes the time between commissioning and first patient treatment

Treatment Planning Services

  • Enable rapid turnaround of plans
  • Reduces time from CT to start of treatment
  • Access to highly experienced dosimetrists allows local teams to focus on important clinical milestones, relieving the burden of treatment planning

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