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EUROPE: Scottish Cancer Centre Plans Major Expansion To Offer Patients Most Advanced Radiotherapy Treatments

October 18, 2004 – The West of Scotland Cancer Centre in Glasgow is undertaking a major expansion to offer more cancer patients the most advanced radiotherapy treatments in the world. The centre has turned to Varian Medical Systems to supply new Clinac® medical linear accelerators for advanced radiotherapy treatments along with upgrades for existing accelerators and specialised software for treatment planning and management of patient records and clinical data. The centre is also ordering an On-Board Imager(tm) accessory, Varian`s latest device for delivering ultra-precise image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT) by tracking tumour positions with X-rays at the moment of treatment. When completed the new cancer centre, currently being constructed on the site of the Gartnavel General Hospital, will house one of the biggest radio therapy units in Europe. The West of Scotland Cancer Centre is initially purchasing three Varian Clinac accelerators and up grading the existing Clinacs in its Beatson Oncology Centre.

With new automated systems for delivering advanced treatments such as IGRT and intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), doctors at the centre will be able to track and target tumours with shaped beams in order to eradicate the disease while protecting surrounding healthy tissue. Professor Alan Rodger, the Beatson Centre`s medical director, said, "We wanted to ensure that we had the very best technology available so we can use radiotherapy to optimum effect. Our exciting package of equipment - the very latest in terms of smart science technology - will mean that cancer patients from across the West of Scotland who need radiotherapy will receive the best treatment offered anywhere in the world today." Professor Rodger said Varian`s On-Board Imager is one of the highlights of the Centre`s order. "Using this, we will be able to treat tumours with more accuracy and safety than ever before," he said. "Tumours can move even in the short space of time between planning the treatment and carrying it out. With image-guided radiotherapy, we can take further images of the patient`s tumour to confirm it is in the right place and adjust our treatment set-up if necessary."

He said the latest Varian software would enable the medical staff to create an electronic environment within the West of Scotland Cancer Centre."The computer software will allow a faster transfer of electronic patient tumour images, achieve full electronic patient records, and enable staff to book and schedule patients for treatment and also prescribe medicines electronically,"
he added.

Michael Sandhu, Varian`s European Director of National Accounts, says, "The new clinic will give Scottish cancer patients the very best radiation therapy treatment available today. The new equipment will aid the automation of clinical processes and enable the clinic to treat more patients more quickly, which can only have a beneficial effect on waiting lists." When completed, the five-storey West of Scotland Cancer Centre will treat 60% of the Scottish population, with a catchment area of 2.7 million people. The oncology centre has 6000 new patients a year. Clinac and On-Board Imager are trademarks of Varian Medical Systems. High-resolution image of On-Board Imager device available from Neil Madle via

About West of Scotland Cancer Centre the final phase of the GBP100 million West of Scotland Cancer Centre is currently under construction and will be complete by 2007. When the new West of Scotland Cancer Centre opens on the site of Gartnavel General Hospital it will provide the most modern environment for cancer care and offer the finest professional facilities. It will also bring all North Glasgow`s specialist oncology services - including haemato-oncology and palliative care services -under one roof for the first time. The new state-of-the-art centre will be fully equipped to support the delivery of the most modern cancer care in a light, relaxed environment for both patients and staff.