June 2014 issue of Spot ON | Varian

June 2014 issue of Spot ON

June 2014 issue of Spot ON



News from Varian's Particle Therapy Group         Q3 2014

Welcome to the inaugural issue of "Spot ON," Varian Medical Systems' new e-newsletter summarizing the latest news from Varian's Particle Therapy division. As you may know, Varian has developed the ProBeam® proton therapy system, which integrates scanning beam intensity-modulated proton therapy (IMPT) with advanced technologies for image-guidance and patient positioning. This e-newsletter is intended to offer subscribers the latest news about Varian's proton therapy offerings, including information about new technological developments and system deployments around the world. We welcome your comments and input, and hope that you find this quarterly e-newsletter of interest.


The Scripps Proton Therapy Center in San Diego, California, Commences Patient Treatments

Varian To Equip New Proton Treatment Centers

Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) Extends R&D Collaboration with Varian

Varian Spotlights ProBeam Compact Proton Therapy System at PTCOG 2014 in Shanghai

The Scripps Proton Therapy Center in San Diego, California, Commences Patient Treatments

Physicians and staff at the Scripps Proton Therapy Center in San Diego, California, began treating patients in February of this year. The center currently has five treatment rooms operational. Varian provided the ProBeam proton therapy system in use at the center and has also signed a ten-year agreement to service the Scripps system.

The Scripps Proton Therapy Center features a system with a 90-ton cyclotron, three rotating gantries and two fixed-beam treatment rooms. The 102,000-square-foot facility, owned by Advanced Particle Therapy, is clinically operated by Scripps Clinic Medical Group and Scripps Health. Rady Children's Hospital-San Diego and the University of California, San Diego Health System have joined as affiliate partners whereby they can send patients to the Scripps Proton Therapy Center as well. For more information, including photos and video footage, visit the Scripps multimedia announcement.

Varian To Equip New Proton Treatment Centers at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital in Ohio, the National Taiwan University in Taipei, and Other Sites in the U.S., Russia, and Saudi Arabia

Varian signed agreements to provision the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center in Ohio and the National Taiwan University in Taipei with ProBeam proton therapy technology, along with the ARIA® information management and Eclipse treatment planning software products. In Cincinnati, Varian will equip three rooms: two that will be dedicated to treatment and one that will be used for research. The Taipei agreement calls for outfitting three treatment rooms, two with rotating gantries and one as a fixed-beam room. Varian is now slated to build more than 25 treatment rooms at seven sites, including the University of Maryland in Baltimore (where the cyclotron was delivered in June); Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia; Cincinnati Children's Hospital in Ohio; University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas; KFMC-King Fahd Medical City in Saudi Arabia; and the PTC St. Petersburg in Russia. Read more about the projects at Cincinnati Children's Hospital and at the National Taiwan University.

Varian ProBeam systems include Varian's OBI® kV imaging system integrated with Eclipse treatment planning, allowing for automatic, remote table adjustments—no need for in-room, manual repositioning.

Varian and the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) have announced an extension of their existing collaboration in the field of proton therapy. Under the agreement, Varian will also supply technology and equipment to add another gantry at PSI, to help meet a growing demand for clinical research and treatment capacity.

Intensity-modulated proton therapy (IMPT) was pioneered using pencil-beam scanning at the Paul Scherrer Institute. Varian has commercialized this technology, building it into the company's ProBeam proton therapy system. "The new multi-year R&D collaboration with PSI will enable further research activities in the areas of advanced pencil beam scanning delivery systems, image-guidance, clinical workflow optimization, and accelerator technology," says Dr. Moataz Karmalawy, general manager of Varian's Particle Therapy division. "Our original collaboration led to the commercialization of IMPT and we are delighted to expand our partnership to develop more revolutionary technologies." Read more


Varian Spotlights ProBeam Compact Proton Therapy System at PTCOG 2014 in Shanghai

At this year's annual meeting of the Particle Therapy Co-Operative Group (PTCOG), Varian showcased a new compact, single-room system designed to minimize the cost and space requirements for deploying a proton therapy system. The ProBeam Compact system offers the full functionality of the most advanced proton systems in roughly half the space needed for one treatment room in a typical multi-room installation. "For its size, ProBeam Compact is the most cost-effective proton system available, offering both high patient throughput as well as a full package of integrated image guidance and motion management tools," said Jan Timmer, senior manager of product marketing. More

Varian also sponsored a scientific symposium on IMPT, present and future, organized by the PTCOG Thoracic / Lymphoma Subcommittee. The session was attended by more than 400 who heard from nine presenters on topics ranging from IMPT planning, motion management, and quality assurance to commissioning a new IMPT treatment center. The consensus was that IMPT is the future for particle therapy, and through collaboration and further enhancements in products, IMPT could become a standard of care.