Our vision at Varian is “A world without fear of cancer.” We want to take a moment and explain what this means in the Middle East. With over 400,000 cases annually, the cancer burden is fast becoming a priority across the Middle East region.

The high mortality rate is even more alarming. Current forecasts predict almost to double by 2030. It is our duty to flatten this curve and prevent a humanitarian crisis.

There is a clear need for increased access to cancer care. The disparity when we compare access within the Middle East is stark between higher and middle-income countries. Radiotherapy is a key modality in cancer management yet in many regions it is not readily available to most of the patients who might benefit. By IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency calculations the Middle East is in need of over 500 new linear accelerators now and will need over 2000 by 2040.

At Varian, we believe the only way to prevent cancer from becoming a humanitarian crisis is through the hard work of people living in and committed to the Middle East. Since 2015, we have invested in several regional headquarters employing clinical & engineering specialists dedicated to supporting the Middle East cancer community. With offices in UAE, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and personnel located in different countries in the region, partnering with the local actors and supporting them in the fight against cancer.

Varian is working closely with partners across the Middle East and beyond to develop and implement safe, effective, sustainable, and intelligent cancer solutions. We focus on capacity building, innovative financing, clinical implementation support, and new AI-driven technologies. Varian is purposefully driving our vision throughout the Middle East region.

We hope you will share our vision, as we drive for equity of care across the Middle East and towards a world without fear of cancer.


Chris Cowley
Field Vice President, Middle East and Africa Operations

Management in Middle East:

Chris Cowley - Field Vice President, Middle East and Africa Operations
Kevin Massoudi - Head of Government Affairs and Market Development, Middle East, India & Africa
Armin Mader - Senior Account Manager
Majid Doukar – Account Manager
Steve Carter - Account Manager
Brahim Iaisaouiyan - Sr Mgr, Field Service
Brigitte L'Archevêque - Mgr, APP Support MEA
Jorma Soinisalo - Hardware Project Manager
Mahmoud Maaliki - Project Manager
Wael Schalabi - Sr Installation Engineer HW
Abdeldjalil Mokhtari - Software Installation Engineer

Education and Training

Our education and training mission is to ensure our customers are comprehensively educated to use our solutions confidently and safely to provide compassionate core for their patients.

To learn more about our product portfolio and our customers firsthand experience see webinar library and education and training page. 

Learning platform for Varian’s Customer: MyVarian – Webinar.

Varian and the Community

The Varian teams are continually striving for a world without fear of Cancer. We are proud to be working alongside partners of exceptional caliber.