Quality Assurance (QA)

Mobius3D web-based patient QA platform


Mobius3D is a web-based patient specific QA platform designed to detect system errors, interpret delivered patient doses, and display patient positioning information.

Mobius3D® web-based patient QA platform

  • QA modules for patient plans, delivery, and CBCT
  • Measurements generated during treatment and auto-analyzed with no external hardware requirements
  • Treatment plans are received through DICOM-RT with results generated through simple, intuitive interface
DoseLab machine QA system


DoseLab is a TG-142 compliant machine QA software which automates image analysis, performs data trends & log-file based machine QA while also scheduling & monitoring QA tests.

DoseLab® machine QA system

  • Customization allows for collection of data called for by a variety of common AAPM guidelines
  • Automatic image analysis and review of machine QA results for simplified trend analysis
  • Schedule, plan, and assign QA tests to specific users and monitor the results
Qumulate™ Linac QA


Qumulate is the cloud-based data management application that brings integrates multiple QA data sources —documents, binders, applications, and more — into one seamless, intelligent QA process.

Qumulate™ Linac QA

  • Centralized data storage, trending, and scheduling for efficient QA data management
  • Helps standardize QA process across multiple clinics
  • Cloud-based platform enables data management from anywhere (internet connection required)