Temas de subsídios

Nós apoiamos diversas pesquisas tecnológicas. Nossos interesses incluem, mas não se limitam a estes temas:


  • Resource-constrained areas
  • Clinical Evidence/Trials
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Value-Based Care
  • Operational Studies (reducing infrastructure complexities, reducing clinician burden)

Radioterapia adaptativa

  • Treatment quality (clinically meaningful metrics), compare to historical
  • Outcome modeling (NCTP, TCP, etc.)
  • Automated target contouring
  • Clinical decision support -- offline or at- console
  • Deformable image registration visualization
  • Longitudinal response assessment
  • Novel approaches pushing the therapeutic envelope (shrinking margins, increasing tumor doses)
  • Functional adaptation (multi-modality imaging applications using adaptive tools)
  • Novel use of adaptive tools (eg. rapid plan & treat)

Inteligência artificial

  • Increasing safety of systems and processes
  • Error detection and augmentation (treatment planning, data transfer, imaging, treatment delivery)
  • Decreasing planning and treatment variability
  • Uncertainty quantification
  • Assisted plan review
  • Novel algorithms, benefits and applications
  • AI agents
  • Reinforcement learning, continuous or incremental learning
  • Cognitive AI
  • Clinical benefits
  • Outcomes prediction


  • Target segmentation
  • Identification of crucial inputs
  • Evidence-based decision making

Administração do tratamento de câncer

  • Decision support to enable precision medicine
  • AI-based workflow optimization
  • Patient Reported Outcomes and impact on care
  • Elevating patient engagement
  • AI-based scheduling and resource utilization
  • Survivorship focused research
  • Elevating outcomes using digital technology

Operações clínicas

  • Analysis of care patterns, efficiency studies, etc
  • Quantifying benefits of software tools
  • Centralized treatment planning

Estudos clínicos

  • Use and value of new Varian technologies and solutions
  • Use of SBRT, especially for oligometastatic disease
  • Comparative and cost effectiveness studies (e.g., RT vs non-RT modalities)
  • Clinical studies in precision medicine, incorporating genomic and/or radiomic information into Varian systems
  • Role of radiotherapy as an immune system modulator
  • Evaluation of novel applications of radiation using linear accelerators for non- oncologic diseases (functional SRS, pain, OCD, etc)

Soluções de software com base em nuvem

  • Aggregation and curation solutions
  • Data security, cyber security
  • Data privacy
  • Efficient ways of transferring data to/from the cloud
  • Microservices and workflow
  • Web services
  • Algorithm parallelization and high performance computing
  • Assisted automated commissioning of algorithm updates


  • Dual energy imaging applications in RO
  • Technology comparison of imaging techniques for specific applications
  • Unique multi-modal imaging applications
  • Site-specific imaging solutions for unmet clinical needs
  • Incorporating imaging with dynamic trajectories during

Controle de movimento

  • Motion modeling/prediction (includes AI approaches)
  • DTS for motion monitoring during treatment
  • Soft tissue tracking/monitoring during treatment delivery
  • Unique methods for noninvasive internal motion monitoring
  • Respiratory regulation techniques/studies
  • Optimal breath-hold approaches

Contatos sobre pesquisa tecnológica

Michael Davis, MS, JD
Diretor de bolsas de pesquisa e educacionais
E-mail: michael.davis@varian.com

Timo Berkus, PhD
Coordenação de ciências médicas
Região: Europa e Índia
E-mail: timo.berkus@varian.com

Camille Noel, MSCI, PhD
Coordenação de ciências médicas
Região: nordeste, sudeste e centro da América do Norte
E-mail: camille.noel@varian.com

Johnny Cheng
Coordenação de ciências médicas
Região: Ásia e Austrália
E-mail: johnny.cheng@varian.com

Research Priorities

Innovation in medical research and clinical trials


Clinical Radiation Oncology

  • Adaptive, stereotactic, and proton therapies
  • RT for metastatic disease Biologically targeted RT
  • New treatment combinations
  • Spatially fractionated radiotherapy
  • Access to care
  • PROs and cost effectiveness


  • Adaptive RT
  • Multi-modality imaging
  • Motion management
  • Treatment planning and optimization
  • Auto-segmentation
  • Uncertainty quantification
  • Simplified QA
  • Real World Evidence

Interventional Solutions

  • Integration of imaging and interventional solutions
  • Differentiation of interventional therapies
  • Expansion of treatment indications
  • Combination of IS and RO

Translational Research

  • Immuno-RT combinations
  • Drug-RT combinations
  • Evolution of preclinical models for interventional solutions
  • FLASH, SFRT, next generation radiobiology
  • Molecular data integration
  • Personalization of therapy

Application process

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Technology research contacts

Michael Davis, MS, JD, FAAPM
Director, Research and Educational Grants
Email: michael.davis@varian.com

Michel Closset
Medical Science Liaison
Region: Europe
Email: michel.closset@varian.com

Camille Noel, MSCI, PhD
Director, Medical Science Liaisons
Region: Americas
Email: camille.noel@varian.com

Johnny Cheng
Medical Science Liaison
Region: Asia and Australia
Email: johnny.cheng@varian.com