Varian Veterinary Oncology Clinical School

The Varian Veterinary Oncology Clinical School is a two‐day program hosted by Varian Veterinary Oncology in partnership with the University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital Small Animal Clinic. The program will focus on clinical workflows, clinical implementation, treatment planning, and treatment delivery, drawing on case studies and hands‐on experience based on the clinical experts’ experiences and proficiency.

Who should attend the program?

This clinical school is intended for DVMs, RTTs, Medical Physicists, and CVTs. The current curriculum is tailored to the support team (especially CVTs and RT(T)s) working in veterinary radiation oncology.

Who will be teaching the program?

The Clinical School program features a number of University of Illinois veterinary experts, as well as few guest speakers from highly respected veterinary programs. Download the brochure to learn more.

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