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    High Quality Treatment

    Halcyon achieves high quality care through image-guided IMRT and RapidArc® radiotherapy treatments. A unique dual-layer MLC enables high modulation with low leakage for every field or arc.

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    Simple to Use

    Image and treat in just nine steps. The workflow is based on the “follow-the-light” methodology first introduced as part of Varian’s TrueBeam® platform. Color-coded workflow steps are presented to the therapist both at the treatment console and on screens within the vault. These workflows are easy to learn and master quickly so you can spend less time treating and more time with patients.

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    Capital and Operational Efficiency

    Installation and commissioning in 2-weeks, with beam parameters that are pre-configured in the Eclipse™ treatment planning software. The smaller vault requirement with self-shielding design reduces the cost of new bunkers. With reduced requirement for daily, weekly and monthly QA, less down time allows you to treat more patients with confidence.


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Faster Treatment

Quick imaging and accelerated delivery cuts treatment time in half. This means less time under anesthesia and more time at home.

Workflow Efficiency

Nine-step treatments improve throughput without sacrificing comfort or safety.

Robust ROI

Halcyon is fast to install and simple to maintain – allowing you to help more patients year after year.

Complementing Halcyon

Halcyon works well with a variety of treatment planning software and other tools. Integrate it with these components to make the most of the Varian ecosystem.


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