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    Modular portfolio

    Subscribe to what you need: Practice Analytics Module (with visualization layer) or Data as a Service or both.

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    Beyond reporting

    Your questions and decision-making are dynamic. Your data needs to be, too. Ask more of your data.

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    Built for analytics

    Flexible, state-of-the-art data platform purpose-built for oncology analytics.

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    Aggregate data across multiple ARIA OIS databases to connect and manage the entire organization.

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    Easier and faster deployment and upgrades. Scales with your technical needs.




Bring meaning to your data

Buried in your data are the next aha moment and time-saving opportunity. Let’s unlock them.


Make better decisions faster

Get to the answer that helps inform the decision faster at point of need. Personalize and track your clinic’s goals.


Enhance your workflow

Identify workflow bottlenecks and opportunities to drive consistency of care.

We'll help you get connected

Our data specialists can help you integrate Varian into your workflow.

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We'll help you get connected
ARIA® oncology information system for radiation oncology v15.5 or higher required. Not available for sale in all markets.