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    Optimization Tools

    SRS-specific optimization tools to optimize not only dose, but also treatment delivery in Eclipse™.

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    Target Quality Metrics

    SRS- specific quality metrics are included within HyperArc™ to assist you in achieving the desired, optimal plan quality.

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    1-click treatment delivery

    HyperArc treatment delivery can even be achieved with a single click of the console (post setup), including intrafraction imaging.

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    Pre-defined Imaging WayPoints

    During a complex non-coplanar treatment, determining safe locations for acquiring images can be challenging. HyperArc addresses this by pre-populating a set of known safe Imaging WayPoints throughout the delivery sequence.

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    Virtual Dry Run

    Many clinics spend valuable resources conducting a physical dry run on the treatment delivery system to mitigate collision risk. We addressed this challenge by developing a new set of advanced visualization tools to display the treatment delivery sequence during treatment planning itself.

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    Class Solution

    HyperArc is provided as an end-to-end class solution for the treatment of intracranial targets. Delivery sequences are derived from a superset of trajectories. Immobilization is pre-defined, and intrafraction imaging and patient setup are prescribed.


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