• 1

    HyperArc™ high-definition radiotherapy

    Plan for advanced stereotactic radiosurgery with treatment systems integrating HyperArc.

  • 2

    RapidPlan™ knowledge-based planning

    Build on machine learning to create powerful, customized treatment plans for your patients’ unique needs.

  • 3

    Multi-Criteria Optimization (MCO)

    Quickly explore different clinical criteria options to optimize treatment plans for each patient.

  • 4

    RapidArc® volumetric arc therapy (VMAT) planning

    Make the most of VMAT to develop IMRT-quality treatments with a single arc—for a wide range of patients.

  • 5

    SmartSegmentation® knowledge-based contouring

    Streamline your workflow and define targets and at-risk organs reliably.

  • 6

    Wide range of planning options

    Plan for brachytherapy, traditional radiotherapy, SRS, and electron radiotherapy.

Complementing Eclipse

Integrate Eclipse with Varian solutions to provide more options for your patients.

RapidPlan Knowledge-Based Planning

Harness the power of machine learning to improve treatment planning in Eclipse™.

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High precision and integrated machine intelligence let you treat more patients with greater confidence.

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