Proven through patient success, Trilogy is ready to help you face the challenges of digital medicine.

  • 1

    Broad range of external beam therapies

    Options include 3D CRT, IMRT, IGRT, SBRT/SRS.
  • 2

    Multiple dose rate options

    Increase up to 1000 MU/min for efficient SRS delivery.
  • 3

    2D and 3D image guidance

    Get high-quality imagine at low doses.
  • 4

    Full 360° range of treatment delivery angles

    Includes stereotactic frames or frameless immobilization.
  • 5

    Tight isocenter alignments

    Align precisely on all three axes to target even the smallest lesions.
  • 6

    Dynamic high-resolution MLC

    Shape beams precisely to avoid damage to healthy tissue.


The Trilogy™ all-in-one treatment system lets you draw on many different dose rate and imaging options to improve patient outcomes.


Flexibility is key to successfully treating the broadest range of patients, and Trilogy lets you choose the treatment that will work best every time.


Thousands of clinicians use Trilogy to treat patients every day. It’s built to last, and it delivers very high uptime rates.

Complementing Trilogy

Integrate Trilogy with these Varian solutions to provide more options for your patients.


Precise localization and tracking for lung, soft tissues, and surface motion helps you optimize treatment delivery.

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