• 1

    Respiration-synchronized treatment

    Infrared tracking camera measures respiration to help set gating thresholds.

  • 2

    3D real-time patient position monitoring

    Detecting unexpected motion offers confidence in precise treatment delivery.

  • 3


    Gating system improves patient comfort and eliminates the need for breath holding.

  • 4

    Highly versatile

    Interfaces with On-Board Imager® kV imaging system, and PortalVision™ MV imaging systems.

  • 5

    Pretreatment fluoroscopic verification of gating

    Save time and improve throughput by assessing gating thresholds before setting up patients for treatment.

  • 6

    Supports all standard breathing protocols

    Expand your range of planning options, including free-breathing.



Track patient movements, including breathing, to ensure that your treatments hit their mark accurately.



RPM interfaces with a broad array of imaging systems and supports all standard breathing protocols.


Easy to learn and use

We make it simple to get up to speed and get support when needed, so you can treat more patients more effectively.