• 1

    Quick, simple pre-planning

    IDENTIFY™ automatically imports DICOM RT information, then allows simple selection of default DICOM surface with quick approval.

  • 2

    Easy patient check-in

    Patients can check themselves in using a palm reader, and are then automatically queued to your Oncology Information System (OIS) using the HL7 standard. Your patient gets their appointment location and time, and eliminates the need for barcodes.

  • 3

    Treatment room setup

    Quickly reproduce accessory setup using imaging suite information and augmented reality navigation. Patient notes and images are easily viewed, and verification is streamlined.

  • 4

    Patient-centered orthopedic setup

    Your patient is verified on-site with palm reader or RFID, then assists with self-positioning as your team uses augmented reality to guide and verify orthopedic setup.

  • 5

    Surface-guided positioning at isocenter

    Position your patient using DICOM RT structure set or other surface information. Augmented reality assists with positioning, using manual table guidance with six degrees of freedom. Switch between free breathing and breath holding with ease.

  • 6

    Surface-guided intra-fraction motion management

    Monitor your patient’s surface for motion against your preferred standard. Our intuitive interface and advanced coaching mode help your teams treat with confidence and help your patients tolerate treatments better.

Avoid errors by identifying and positioning patients reliably

Make sure you’ve got the right patient at the right location using the right setup. Every time.

As soon as patients enter your clinic, you’ll get positive identification with treatment details easily accessible. In the treatment room, IDENTIFY™ helps verify the correct technology and patient setup. Our intuitive interface guides you through setup and positioning using visual assistance. This helps you treat patients quickly and with greater confidence.

IDENTIFY is designed for experienced staff, rotating staff in larger clinics, and personnel-in-training.