Advanced proton therapy using the first commercial pencil-beam scanner.

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    Flexible space options

    ProBeam® is available in a compact single-room setup that reduces cost and space requirements or a multi-room setup that accommodates more patients.
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    Pencil-beam scanner

    Our pencil-beam-scanner—the first to be made commercially available—offers precise dosage sculpting up to 2G/L/min, with layer switching in less than one second.
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    Spares more healthy tissue

    Careful dose sculpting and tight pencil beams combine to direct treatment where it’s needed and avoid healthy tumor-adjacent tissue.
  • 4

    Deeper reach

    Deeper, more precise penetration means you can treat tumors that are more complex or further from the surface.
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    Unlike many single-room proton therapy solutions, ProBeam’s pencil beam scanner permits intensity-modulated proton therapy (IMPT).
  • 6

    Safer pediatric treatment

    Fewer scattered neutrons means lower risk of neutron induced secondary cancers later in life.

Powerful proton therapy system

ProBeam helps you deliver state-of-the-art treatment to patients, reaching tumors that are difficult to treat with traditional radiotherapy.

Enhanced delivery

Our unique setup offers faster layer switching and no need for range shifters. Easy integration with Varian products helps drive new efficiencies.

Flexible options

Single- and multi-room setup options let you integrate ProBeam into your practice with fewer disruptions.

Complementing ProBeam

Integrate ProBeam with these Varian solutions to provide more options for your patients.

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