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Predictable [1,2,4]

Achieve consistent ablation zones within a variety of tissues using synchronous microwave energy delivered at 915 MHz. This wavelength is less reliant on conductive heating which yields more predictable ablation volumes.


Scalable [3]

Obtain complete coverage by selecting the ablation size and shape that meets your clinical needs. Scale and shape your ablation volume by adjusting the power and time settings and using either one, two, or three antennas.


Flexible [5,6]

Choose an angle of approach which is most suitable for the clinical scenario – for percutaneous, open, and laparoscopic procedures. Parallel placement (using a 0-degree angle of approach) is not required.

Generator Highlights

  1. The MicroThermX Generator is available in either table top or mobile cart configurations3
  2. The generator is compact in size and lightweight, making it portable and easy to store3
  3. The generator allows users to connect up to three (3) antennas3
  4. Intuitive touchscreen user interface that is easy to use and navigate3
  5. Quick and easy procedure setup5
  6. 915 MHz Wavelength provides larger areas of active heating4

The Power of Versatility

Indications For Use:

The MicroThermX Microwave Ablation System (MTX) delivers microwave energy for coagulation (ablation) of soft tissue. The system is not intended for use in cardiac procedures. The SynchroWave® antennas may be used in open surgical procedures and in laparoscopic and percutaneous ablation procedures, using image guidance, including partial or complete ablation of non-resectable liver tumors. An optional TempSure temperature sensor may be used to monitor tissue temperatures.

Consult your Varian representative for country-specific product availability.

Ordering Information

Catalogue Number Description Shaft Diameter Shaft Length Qty
MTX-180 MicroThermX® Microwave Ablation System - Mobile Cart, Generator/Cart/Pump, USA     1
MTX-180-T2 MicroThermX® Microwave Ablation System – Tabletop (T2), Generator/Stand/Pump, USA     1
SW-1415 SynchroWave® LT Probe, Active Tip 4.1 cm 14 gauge 15 cm 1
SW-1420 SynchroWave® LT Probe, Active Tip 4.1 cm 14 gauge 20 cm 1
SW-1425 SynchroWave® LT Probe, Active Tip 4.1 cm 14 gauge 25 cm 1
SWST-1415 SynchroWave® ST Probe, Active Tip 2.0 cm 14 gauge 15 cm 1
SWST-1420 SynchroWave® ST Probe, Active Tip 2.0 cm 14 gauge 20 cm 1

Please refer to the MicroThermX Microwave Ablation System Operator Manual and the MicroThermX SynchroWave Instructions For Use for complete list of instructions, warnings, and precautions.

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