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    Simple to use

    Straightforward structured workflow helps treat prostate, breast, and other LDR implants.

  • 2

    Real-time planning

    Plan and implant on live images with Implant View.

  • 3

    Accurate needle tracking

    Follow curved and angled needles and track individual seed location.

  • 4

    Volume Optimization

    Inverse planning based on clinical goals.

  • 5

    Enhanced ultrasound workflow

    Transfer imaging and data with the BK-OEM interface (requires compatible BK Ultrasound).

  • 6

    Comprehensive Plan QA

    Monitor clinical goals with up to 10 quality alerts.


Flexible planning tools

VariSeed gives you options for LDR use cases, from simple and straightforward pre-planning to complex, real-time procedures.


Intuitive interface

Our tab-based workflow is simple to learn and easy to use every day.


Reliable technology

VariSeed is well-established worldwide, with over 1,700 systems sold in over 47 countries.

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