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IMRT (Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy)

Clinicians around the world are using Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) to treat nearly every type of solid tumor. IMRT "paints" the radiation dose onto the tumor with pinpoint precision. It uses 3-D scans of your body to guide the beams of radiation to the tumor from many different angles. At each of these angles, the intensity of the radiation is varied (modulated) and the shape of the beam is changed to match the shape of the tumor. These adjustments enable the prescribed amount of radiation to be delivered to each part of the tumor, while minimizing exposure to the surrounding healthy tissue.

Varian Medical Systems has developed fully integrated, customizable IMRT treatment solutions designed to meet the needs of growing clinics, and to help doctors raise the quality of patient care. Varian provides the essential components for every step in the IMRT process in a fully integrated solution that uses advanced technology to streamline the treatment process. Varian’s IMRT "paints" the radiation dose onto the tumor with pinpoint precision. The IMRT solution from Varian supports all types of IMRT delivery: segmental, dynamic, combined dynamic and segmental in the same field, and conformal arc. Varian IMRT also allows the full range of IMRT dose possibilities, from low to high resolution. Varian IMRT supports all stages of treatment—from planning to treatment delivery to health record management.

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